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Fausto Pozzi

Born in Locarno (Switzerland) in 1951, after experimenting with a great range of materials, started studying  sculpture as an autodidact in 1991 and dedicated himself to that art since 1992. In 2001, took over and renovated a studio in Cevio/Riveo (Vallemaggia) where he presently works and exhibits.

Creation was natural to me since I was a child, and with two artist in the family (my grandfather  Ettore, painter and mosaicist, and my uncle Fernando, a talented sketcher), I spontaneously  started to potter around and try different techniques.

Although the materials I have tried are so manifold that it would be difficult for me to remember them all, I can mention for instance: painting on every possible kind of base, collage, carving, assembling different recovered waste products, so that even now, although I  always swear never to do it again, I still go rummaging dumping grounds and bulky waste deposit.

In the sixties I also had the good fortune to have as a schoolmaster the writer and poet  Angelo Casè who conveyed to me with great sensitivity many message that have certainly increased the little flame that already was in me.

I remember especially our visit to the studio of Bruno Nizzola, who talked to us about cubism whit great ability, using words that were simple and appropriate for ten-year-old boys, as I realized many year later when I studied Art History.

Although I have always been interested in sculpture, I took my first step only in the nineties, after visiting an exhibit at  Volterra (Italy).

On the way back. I stopped at the Valle di Peccia to find a piece of marble on the river bank, and started reading the only book on sculpture that I found at home: Giacometti’s.

I have tried modelling in clay, plasticine, and although I have mode a few bronze casting, I still feel more involved in scabbing, scraping and sculpting than in the operation of adding and removing.

My passion for massage has certainly helped me to memorize the shape of the human body and to translate it on tone.

Fausto Pozzi, Scultore
cave di Riveo, 6675 Cevio-Visletto

Esposizione permanente presso Casa Ambica.
Per visite si prega di telefonare: 091 753 10 12


Spontaneously, since carving my first stone, the result was always a woman figure, and to this day the greater part of my sculptures represent woman. The shapes of female body allow me to reach a result of perfect harmony and give me a feeling of wholeness. In the shapes that I create, which are extremely round and sometimes exaggerated, In try to find to balance in the rhythm of volumes.

Water, sun, season, mother and child are the main themes of my work, insofar as they have a considerable importance to me. Water, which is linked to emotion, is the source of life and purity; it is the wellspring of everything and an essential part of all realms. The source means knowledge, origin, it is the birth of life that gushes and flow in all directions. The sun means happiness, it is the image of the soul as the origin of our interior life, of our spiritual energy: it is the source of light and without which nothing could exist. The seasons mark the rhythm of life, the cyclical alternation, the perpetual return, they are a cycle that passes and repeats itself to infinity. The mother her child are the symbol of love, of a new beginning. All these elements can therefore be summed up under one name: life. As start working on a new piece, I look for inspiration within my own emotions and, depending on my mood, I give birth to something that brings me serenity and interior quiet.

It is now up to you, as you look at these pictures, to listen to your feeling and read between the lines of my soul.

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